Why Colon Cleanse Your Body?

The well-known idea that a person on a normal, modern diet might hold the equivalent of eight (8) meals in the colon at any one time is an appalling thought. Unfortunately, it is very likely to be true. Over the years, up to 25 pounds of waste can accumulate in the colon and lead, not only to really bad chronic constipation but possibly also the dreaded C: colon cancer. This is just one of several reasons why you should consider a colon cleanse for your body.

Impacted fecal matter, which is what food becomes if it does not exit your body judiciously, accumulates in the colon and can become the breeding ground for toxins and parasites your body can definitely do without. Because today’s nutritional environment is so much more unhealthy than before, regular colon cleansing is at least one way to alleviate the pressure on the body to keep healthy.

Symptoms that indicate you might need a colon cleanse include bloating, bad breath, chronic fatigue, headaches, a compromised immune system and sinus congestion. An impacted colon can also add stress to the liver because of the increase of toxins in the body. Of course, in the long term, a compromised liver can affect other organs of the body as well.

One consequence of an impacted colon that leads to chronic constipation is diverticulosis in which the colon develops bulges in the surface because of constant pressure on the colon walls, which effectively weakens it. It is estimated that about 50% of the US population over 45 has this condition, and that half of the population has advanced colon obstruction.

Other complications that may result from a clogged colon include:

  • colitis (inflammation of the colon)
  • irritable bowel syndrome (diarrhea)
  • mucosal dysfunctions leading to mucous build up
  • prolapsus, where the colon sags in the middle and placing stress on other organs
  • spastic bowels
  • ulcerations, irritation and abrasion of the colon which can become infected and can be very painful.

Colon cleanse therapies have begun to gain popularity in the US and there are many products that offered to help in the process of colon cleansing. However, it would be best to consult your physician before engaging in any such activity. There may be contraindications in your medical history that would make arbitrary colon cleansing a danger to the health.

One method of colon cleansing is hydrotherapy, which makes use of repeated flushing of the colon with sterile water using colonic equipment. It is claimed to serve as a kidney cleanse and liver cleanse as well. Those who have had severe chronic constipation as well as pregnant women should proceed carefully and must ensure the credentials of the one administering the treatment for proper qualifications. It is contraindicated for those with active ulcers or have undergone recent colon surgery.

Some people espouse the use of pills and tablets followed by a balanced diet and reduction of stress. Whether the tablets are efficacious or not must be determined by a physician prior to ingestion. However, observing a healthy diet and reducing stress will definitely alleviate some of the symptoms and may preclude the need for a colon cleanse. However, for a vigorous push towards more vibrant health, it may be a good idea to consider it.

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